Zombies of Bedlam Village

We have cancelled the Zombie Paintball Event for the 2018 Season.



Once upon a time the fairy tale creatures were living in the deep forest of Rolling Acres. The evil witch got fed up with their “happily-ever-afters” and planted poisonous apple trees on the farm. Soon after, Little Red Riding Hood came upon the fruit and began gathering the apples to make pie at Grandmother’s house. After a little bit of baking, Little Red Riding Hood and all of her friends quickly devoured the pie. The evil witch watched from afar as all of the characters transformed into “zombies.” Her plan for their unhappily ever afters was complete.

We load you on our specially designed trailers and drive you to the actual site of the original scene. You will be equipped with a mounted paintball gun that is loaded with our special glow-in-the dark paint balls, which are toxic to the zombies. The best part is that the Zombies cannot shoot back.

*Tickets will be available  online  order your tickets now! We need YOU!!!

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