Alternative Fuel Products


Subject to change
Wood Pellets and Mix- $280 per ton
Fuel Corn- $280 per ton

Why burn corn?

  • Burns cleaner
  • Stretches pellet supply
  • Increased stove temperature
  • Ample local availability
  • Support local farms

Delivery charge for bagged pallets in the local area is generally $35.00 per ton.

Wood Pellet/Corn Fuel Mix is available with :15-20% ,30-35%,50% and 80% corn.

Mixed by weight, not volume. This ratio is for reference only. It is difficult to regulate the actual mix on a batch to batch basis. For more precise mixtures, we recommend purchasing unmixed product and mixing to your specification.
Corn Fuel is for use in corn stoves or to be mixed with wood pellets for pellet stoves. Before burning corn in your pellet stove, please contact your stove manufacturer for recommended pellet/corn ratio.

For the best service  please call ahead to verify amounts over 1000#.

We sell less than 1 ton quantities at the per lb. rate.

Bulk delivery quote available upon request.

Our Premium Grade Wood Pellets are made by New England Wood Pellet LLC and come from their Jaffery, NH plant.

Our Corn is grown and/or processed on our farm. Much of it was previously used for our Corn Maze.

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Fall 2018 Feed and Stove fuel pickup hours :
Saturday 9:00-11:45 A Wednesday evenings 5:30-7:30 P

Also Available by Appointment 1-413-297-7488 or email

New England Wood Pellets


New England Wood Pellets are a high quality, PFI Certified premium grade pellet fuel made from a proprietary blend of hardwood and other wood species. These pellets can be found at many retailers throughout the Northeastern United States. To find a dealer in your area check out our dealer locator. Quality characteristics are as follows. (Most recent update 12/2012)

Timber Products Inspection, Inc. Certificate of Qualification

Heat Value
8,000-8,300 BTU’s/lb. at 3% moisture
Moisture Content 3 to 5%
Ash Content
0.4-0.6% (PFI Premium Standard <1.0%)
Density ≥40 lb./cu ft.


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